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Welcome to The Mersey Critical Care Echocardiography Collaborative

Who we are.

The Mersey Critical Care Echocardiography Collaborative is a group of senior doctors in Critical Care and Anaesthesia with a passion for echocardiography. We run an informal, monthly meeting designed to share knowledge and best practise in critical care echocardiography.

Liverpool University Hospitals Foundation Trust representatives:

  • Dr Will Angus - FUSIC Mentor
  • Dr Maryam Crews - EDEC, FUSIC Supervisor
  • Dr Tom Syratt - BSE L1, FUSIC Supervisor

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital representative:

  • Dr Owen Chambers - BSE L2, FUSIC Supervisor

Trainee representative:

  • Dr Claudia Porteus


We hold monthly online meetings.

We discuss interesting cases, with a focus on how echocardiography can change the management of the critically ill patient.

Each meeting involves a case presentation and teaching, targeting FUSIC level knowledge through to intermediate/ advanced echocardiography.

We encourage attendees with interesting cases to present and discuss in an informal and supportive environment.

Who can attend.

All critical care and acute echocardiography enthusiasts are welcome to join the meeting.

Meetings are designed for medical professionals who work within NHS organisations. Meetings are designed to be inclusive of all levels of echocardiography expertise.

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